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Strategic Advertising: Miami Billboard Boats, Fort Lauderdale Water Taxis, Seattle Ferries - Prime exposure in key waterways.

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Spectaculars on the Water — Billboard Boats and Water Taxis are a game-changer in advertising along Miami Beach, Brickell, and Downtown Fort Lauderdale. This unique approach guarantees eye-catching visibility in the most dynamic waterfront locations.

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How we used Water Taxis with TowEye – Witness the effectiveness of water taxi advertising through our campaign for TowEye. The photos showcase their ad prominently displayed on water taxis during the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, directly engaging with their target audience in a dynamic, relevant setting.

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Fort Lauderdale Waterway Advertising – Gain exclusive access to dynamic screens on Fort Lauderdale's water taxis. This unique advertising medium ensures your brand captures the attention of both passersby and travelers, creating a memorable impact along the bustling waterways.

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Over 10,000 billboards – We have access to over 10,000 billboards across the U.S. to get your brand in front of your target audiance.

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